18 Apr 2014 
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 Which folder to upload product to via FTP? (v2.03)
For files to be uploaded via FTP, please upload to /plugins/video/uploads folder
Same for audio /plugins/audio/uploads
And product manager/plugins/product_manager/product/uploades

After you upload the files to the upload folders mentioned above, you go back to your admin and click on" select file/product from your sever" option and you can see a list of files to choose from.

Product Title: (do we simply ftp upload our files and place the name here and it will connect to that file automatically?)
=========> It's where you name your product example photoshoplesson 1 is the title, then you may add 5 other videos belong to it like step1 , step 2, step 3...

Product URL: If we type in a full URL here, will the customer downloading it see the files EXACT location on our server?

==========> no, it's secured.


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